Although there are mysteries in the Bible, we believe that when taken in context the Bible is true, that it fits together, and that its purpose is to point us to Jesus. – 2 Timothy 3:16

We value the Bible and will –

  • Make the Bible the most important factor in our decision making
  • Deliver authentic, engaging, expositional preaching that makes us hungry for more of God’s Word
  • Teach in a way that shows Scripture is alive, engaging, and speaks to every area of our lives
  • Teach our children Bible content, not just character applications

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The Bible discusses:

  • The bible is true
  • It fits together
  • It is good for us

The Gospel discusses the gospel is important, is an announcement and has four ingredients:

  1. Creation – We were created to be in right relationship with others, earth and God
  2. Fall – We sinned, so our relationship to others, earth, God is broken
  3. Redemption – God sent his Son as the cure for this brokenness
  4. Response – God calls us to believe

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