November 8, 2017
By Amanda Conner

Have you ever been angry with God? When we read the story in Psalm 88 (stop what you are doing and go read it!!!!!!), we see an angry and hurting man. He feels totally abandoned by God, as if He left him in his sorrows and now he’s left to pick up the pieces from the trial God put him in. We see in verse 9 that he is calling out to God EVERY day, yet he still feels abandoned and left unanswered.

I can relate: thinking back to all the times I’ve broken down in tears, thinking for sure God isn’t coming back for me this time. Thinking He left me in my sorrows and I’m so broken He doesn’t want me anymore. Music is a big trigger for me – it can hit me emotionally in a good way and fill my heart with joy and praise, or it hits like a brick wall with negative feelings swamping me. All those times in school chapel or church when the band plays a certain song, that wall hits me and suddenly I’m doubled over with tears streaming down my face because the lock holding all my anger back was unlocked. All my anger and frustrations at God are released – some I didn’t even know I had – and suddenly I feel like the Psalmist, crying out to God.

Sometimes we are told as Christians that we shouldn’t feel anger because it is “unchristlike.” But even God the Father and Jesus himself felt anger. We see Jesus in Matthew 27:46 say, “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?”At that moment, Jesus is calling out to God, feeling abandoned in the peak of His pain. Life is full of trials and difficulties, and becoming a Christian doesn’t change that. Through the Psalms God shows us we are welcome to share our anger and frustrations with Him; He doesn’t want us silent, completely cold to Him. He’d prefer for us to constantly talk to Him, even if we are straight up yelling everyday like the Psalmist was. AND He knows what we are going to say before we even say it, so it’s not like there’s anything we can hide from God. Why not keep the relationship open? Main emphasis on this whole ramble: it is ok to be angry, even at God, but be sure to keep talking to Him and voice how you feel. Read the Psalms. Pray through them. When we do that, He has a remarkable way of stepping in and changing our perspective!