August 9, 2017
By Amanda Conner

Let me ask you a question: what does “blessed” mean to you? Currently, #blessed is trending all across the internet and is possibly the most commonly used hashtag. We often see it with tagged pictures with friends on some exotic beach or someone posing next to their new car, but how often do we see someone tagging a more serious photo or post? We have gotten used to hearing the word “blessed” and assuming it is accompanied by something we consider “good,” but having a positive upswing in life is not the only time when we can apply the term in our lives. We are also blessed during the more difficult, trying times.

Let me explain: When we are going through a negative time in our lives, God’s message to us is sometimes, “Pay attention to Me!” God might be showing us that we were getting a little too cocky or focused on the material things of this world instead of really giving praise and credit to our Creator. If we didn’t sometimes have trials, how many of us could honestly say that we would praise God for His work? Very few, if any of us. Trials push us back to God because we realize we can’t do it on our own.

Our God is amazing because He does not let a single sheep stray away from His flock. Like a Good Shepherd, during a trial, He brings us back gently to the herd where we can find comfort in Him once again. So we are “blessed” during trials because God is redirecting our life path for the better, even if we do not see it right there in the moment. My challenge for anyone who reads this is to use #blessed during the good times AND the bad times. If you are a social media person, post a pic or update about being blessed even while not doing something “extraordinary”. If you are not a social media person, I challenge you to use the word “blessed” while talking about a hardship (big or small) to another person. Because, with God, we truly are blessed on the ups AND downs of the roller coaster we call life.

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