October 26, 2017
By Amanda Conner

What storm are you in right now? I think we are all aware of the story where Jesus calmed the storm while He and the disciples were on the sea. Jesus was asleep under the deck, but the disciples were freaking out, scared they were going to drown. I invite you to turn to Mark 4:35-41 to either read this great passage for the first time or to refresh your memory.

How often are we like the disciples, freaking out when we are in the midst of a storm? I can say honestly I’ve freaked out more than I can probably put a number to, completely convinced God has left me this time. I’ve been severely depressed for years, and I’ve had many mental battles with God. I go through times where I rely heavily on Him and recognize even though I’m still not better, God’s got me. Other times I wonder where God is, because if He really was there, then I would be better. Each time I go through that phase, I have to remind myself that treatment takes time and God is with us always, just sometimes He doesn’t make His presence as known to us. When I read Mark 4 recently, I started to think about how sometimes our life is like the boat the disciples are riding and the waves are our emotions and struggles. Sometimes the waves are calm and it’s smooth sailing, other times it’s so hard, we aren’t sure if we will live through this storm. Just like the disciples’ boat, Jesus is with us, whether He’s under the deck sleeping, calming the storm with an outstretched hand, or standing beside us after the waves are relaxed. Although sometimes it’s so hard to imagine that Jesus could be sleeping through our tough trial, He is waiting for the right time to wake up and make His presence very known to us.

It is a constant mental battle to remind ourselves of God’s presence with us when we seem to be alone in something. This sounds cliché, but you are never alone. Not only does God have full control over the situation, but other people may be going through a similar issue. No one is going to be able to fully understand exactly detail-to-detail, emotion-to-emotion, what you are going through, but you may be surprised when you talk to people how close some people are to you. So again, what storm are you going through? Are you trusting in Jesus, regardless of the position He is in on the boat?