The Church at Perry Creek is all about the spread of the gospel. And we are so committed to it that 25% of our church income goes to missions and church planting efforts around the triangle and around the world.

But we don’t only want to send money, we want to make disciples. This is our response to the Great Commission (Matt. 28:18-20). We value Missions, therefore we will:

  • Be a church-planting church. One that dreams about and saves for our first church plant from the beginning. Our goal is not to get huge. Rather, it is to multiply by planting other churchs. We’ve already started to save for that.
  • Endeavor to send some of our best and brightest to share the gospel around the Triangle and around the world.
  • Give 25% of our income to missions, the majority of which is for endeavors whose primary mission is to bring people to, or establish them in, the faith.

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Missions discusses:

  • The Biblical Basis for the value of missions
  • The Balance that we want to see as we live that out
  • The Budget – what we are doing financially about missions and on the reasons why we are doing that

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