To be a member of a local church is the purpose of God for every believer (1 Cor. 12:12-13). The church is the precious Bride of Christ; it is the working Body of Christ; it is the loving Family of God. Church membership is the recognition and playing out of every Christian’s role as a member of God’s household; it is finding our place in the family!


One of the documents on this page is our Church Covenant – a written agreement or promise between two parties. The purpose of this document is not to lay a weight of extra obligations, rules, or strictures on either our members or our leadership. Rather, the purpose is to be a joyful expression of the way Scripture calls all Christians to live in relationship with one another and with the church.



Our constitution presents the primary guidelines for how our church functions, our beliefs, our affiliations, along with our written bylaws.


Our Partners

The Church at Perry Creek has decided to affiliate with two organizations: the Pillar Network, a national organization that helps with planting/revitalizing churches in North America and the Southern Baptist Convention.